Not One To Forget: BBQ steaks & More at Orange Elephant

For a few years now I’ve been dreaming about the day I could get my hands on a Big (or small) Green Egg, the now ubiquitous ceramic Kamado-style grill that you’ve probably spotted on episodes of Great British Menu or at your local gastropub. These smoker-cum-barbecues are things of joy that can imbue food with the magical smoky taste of a summer barbecue. Nevertheless, they are professional pieces of kit and have the price tag to match, so without the space or funds to accommodate one of these (I live in London after all) we do the next best thing; head to a restaurant that exclusively cooks on Big Green Eggs (they have 3 of them) and specializes in a rust-coloured South Devonshire breed of cow, the eponymous Orange Elephant.


Situated on Fulham Road, in the heart of Chelsea, Orange Elephant is a cosy and casual steak joint; all warming wood, soft leather banquettes and shimmery copper lighting. The wall behind the bar displays row upon row of wine bottles chosen specifically to be paired with steaks. The open kitchen at the end of the dining room provides a little theatre as well as waves of delicious smell of steaks being barbecued, which accelerated our menu choices as our bellies grumbled in anticipation.

Our first taste of the titular Orange Elephant beef came in the form of two large and deep golden croquettes. The crisp outside gave way to crumbly and deeply flavoured beef mince. The croquettes were served with a smoky Bloody Mary sauce that gave a nice vinegary kick and a peppery rocket salad, balancing the rich beef flavours nicely.

Despite taking the name of a breed of cow, not everything on the menu here is beef-based so we tried the devilled soft shell crab.  The crunchy golden coating was spiced and salted and inside the crab meat was beautifully sweet and moist. Accompanying the crab was a sizeable pool of apple & saffron aioli with its shredded apple pieces it gave the dish more texture and sweetness.

Our first main was a towering 8oz Tomahawk beef burger packed full of some classic as well as more unusual ingredients. From a beautifully smoky burger patty and salad of lettuce tomato and pickles to the more unusual charred onion mayonnaise and spicy relish. It also came with a luxurious portion of gooey three-cheese truffled mac’n’cheese.

Next came the main event, the dish Orange Elephant specializes in, a fantastically succulent and flavourful 12oz sirloin steak served with the bone in medium rare. The fat was rendered down and caramelised, capturing the wonderful smokiness that Big Green Eggs are famous for. Served with crisp beef dripping chips & the secret house sauce which we couldn’t get enough of (it had the deep taste of chicken liver pâté) and had to order an extra portion to stop a fight over the pot.

To finish our meal, we ordered the Café Gourmand, a dessert which removed the need to choose as it is a mini selection of Orange Elephant’s classic desserts. Included was a crème brûlée, dark chocolate truffles, a trio of ice creams, biscotti & caramel topped cream all served with a much-needed espresso. The ice creams (made using Orange Elephant milk) were particularly good and came in unusual flavours like lime and elderflower and lemon meringue.

The brilliance of Orange Elephant is that while the menu is small, the flavours are big: with each ingredient being excellent quality and cooked and prepared with real care. So, while you may have eaten steak in countless restaurants, Orange Elephant’s ethos and cooking style means that not eating here would be… a huge missed steak.


Jessica Miles

November 25, 2016

Richard Fairclough Photography

From veggie to very much meat. These guys don’t cut any corners when it comes to seriously high quality steak. This Fulham Road restaurant, specialising in steak, is anmed after the one breed of cattle that is used for all their beef called the Orange Elephant, it is a Devonshire breed who’s size (biggest native breed in England) large ears and rusty coloured coat give it this nickname.

This steak is the Tomahawk and it is part of the rib eye with the rib still attached. The taste is beautiful and the meat melts in your mouth, it is pretty big though, so worth sharing. I really recommend going!



September 2016

Orange Elephant – Steak – Review

Finding Quality steak isn’t hard in London, but finding Quality steak for a great price can be a little tricky.

No need to worry because Orange Elephant is the spot that offers just that and more.

On arrival we instantly loved that we were greeted straightaway and seated, within seconds. The restaurant had a vibrant yet quiet atmosphere, as its summer most people are probably out and about. But this gave us a better chance to take it all in and enjoy what was to come. It was a pleasure to catch up with the head chef Jai Parkinson, who shared his experience and reasons behind the restaurant. Its always nice to meeting people who generally care and have a passion for food.

Orange Elephant is located in Fulham and focuses purely on their steak, which we found delicious. With a simple menu  featuring the best side dishes to match your steak, Orange Elephant makes it easy for diners to just tuck in. The minute we tasted their salad, we knew that we were in for a good time. The food was lush and so were the cocktails. I definitely recommend you try their mac and cheese, which was to die for. If you still have room after your main, then we suggest you try the chocolate fondant!

If you’re looking for a date night spot that won’t break the bank… Orange Elephant is the place to be.

Theres no denying that Orange Elephant is defo a must try…


Hint and Tips: Go for the sharing options.



August 2016

Orange Elephant- Fulham Road, Chelsea 23/1/2016


I stumbled upon this eatery whilst driving down the Fulham Road and also heard of it as one of the up and coming on the steak scenes for 2016. One would think the names sounds like a Thai Restaurant don’t you think? Front man and head chef Jai Parkinson explained to me where the name Orange Elephant came from, named after the breed of South Devonshire cow from which the steaks are sourced. Turns out that Orange Elephants are the largest of the native British cattle… how about that for originality … so not Thai after all?

When I sat down I was already taken back by the rustic setting which was cosy for any situational setting.  Jai who I did not know was the brains behind this till we started talking what was on the menu… well I mean ‘no menu’ which is quite simply a starter salad with walnuts and rocket, 12oz Sirloin steak, a portion of chips and ‘special sauce’ nope I don’t know what it is and its simply is quite special (I asked and well it’s a secret).  The simple menu just worked and all for £20! I left feeling meaty and warm and well… quite frankly it was not medium or rare but well done! The other option is to embrace the signature Tomahawk steak weighing in at 1.3kg costing £80…. One would need a few friends to chow that down! But a mission I would like to come back to…Keep my table ready please!

I totally enjoyed the concept of not having a menu and especially one where steak is involved, upon all the steak joints I have spent my meat eating days, I have pondered for so long on what cut should I have? and oh… and how many grams one should have? and oh… the sides and then choice of side sauce? Nope! Orange Elephant’s no menu whittles down the thinking and delivers affordable great quality British steak, where less is quite simply more. What is unique about this place is that Orange Elephants philosophy is based on locally sourced affordable food. This is certainly pioneered in the delivery of their steak and how it is cooked, in the Big Green Egg where this really does exemplify the surging heat and grilling from kitchen to table.  The steak was succulent, tender and dare I say it is not medium or rare but perfect (can one order a perfect steak?) I think diners will be ordering this at Orange Elephant.  The sides also included mac n cheese, green beans and broccoli, for a full sides description also not on the menu….ask the Waiters.

This place is perfect for any setting, the food delivers and so does the staff and well I wait for more locations to be opened up across the capital, all menu’s will tell you that  but this no menu is a must for the carnivores within us.


Neelam Pankhania

22/1/2016 Food blogger and Orange Elephant convert!